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New rules for cats over six months


From 1 November 2013

All cats six months or older must be microchipped, sterilised and registered under new laws coming into effect next month.

The new laws, which come into force on November 1, aim to reduce the number of stray cats being euthanised each year and to encourage responsible cat ownership.

Local Government Tony Simpson said the new Cat Act should reduce Western Australia’s population of unwanted cats, with about 5,000 cats and kittens currently being destroyed each year.

Mr Simpson said microchipped cats would be registered with local councils under the new Act.

“Cats must also wear a collar and registration tag so we can reunite lost cats with their owner,” he said.

The Minister said the State Government was providing more than $3million in grants so that local governments, animal welfare groups and similar organisations could subsidise the cost of sterilising the pets of low income earners and pensioners.

Mr Simpson said 90 per cent of cat owners had already sterilised their cats.

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